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Rough Collie Female, shaded sable
Born on the 10 th of June 2007

Cucaracha, the cats' friend !
She has a special relationship with each of the cats: playing with Alvar, cuddling with Valeska, drawing carousels with Esmee, dancing with Grey Wind, the grooming sessions with Jenny Lind, ...
She is enough patient and calm to put the kittens at ease as soon as they come out from their room. It is something usual to find some of them asleep in her thick fur !
The donkey Basile takes place of an herd with whom she can use her talents as a Shepherd Dog : she encircles, herds and scolds him when he starts braying !
For all her qualities, Cucaracha is very precious to us. Thank you Karine for having entrusted us with this wonder !
Cucaracha came after Sarah, Iona et Joyce : we are member of the Club des Amis du Colley since 1994.

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Berry Black Donkey, Male
Born on the 16 th of April 1994

Basile is a Berry Black Donkey.
He is as old as our first Norwegian, Jenny Lind, so he has always lived with cats. He willingly teases the adults who are walking on his field, without brutality, but he is always very gentle with the kittens that comes to visit him.

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The hens have always been present at home, and they have to lay some eggs, carry on a part of the garden, and ... be happy !
After the bantam races, Gauloises, Orpingtons, our choice fell on Partridge and Gold Duckwing Welsummer, beautiful quiet hens with golden plumage !

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